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There's a Party in the Los Angeles sky...

...And you can consider this your invitation to join Skydiving Los Angeles California for the event of a lifetime... 14,000 feet above the Los Angeles area!


The City of Angels is host to many impressive and famous places and things to do. The area is now host to one of the most extreme adrenaline inducing fun activities in the world...skydiving. So why did we choose to provide skydiving to the Los Angeles locals and guests? Honestly, because we loved the city. Since coming here we have learned many things about this incredible city that we just had to bring our love for skydiving here as well. So here are a few things we learned about the city that made the decision to make Los Angeles one of our favorite service areas.

It is sunny here...nearly every day. So for us, in our industry, a sunny day is a green light to jump. We love the fact Los Angeles is sunny over 300 days a year and the weather is so beautiful. If you’re visiting, we recommend spending part of the morning sitting seaside at Santa Monica Beach and let the breeze wash over you. The weather is also a total plus when walking around and enjoying the sites here. While walking down Beverly make sure to stop by Milk for a nice french macaron ice cream sandwich to cool you off!

The traffic is horrible..okay, so we said things we learned that made Los Angeles one of our favorite places and we meant that. Sitting in traffic at its usual jam around four o’clock gives you a lot of time to see the sights. For instance let’s say you’re sitting still on Vendome take a look at all of the beautiful murals painted there, or if you are behind a bus on Normandie check out the giant donut on the corner of W. Century and S. Normandie "one of 10 giant donuts in Los Angeles by the way".

The culture plays a huge part here in the amazing food and artistry. So, everyone loves to eat and yes, when we came here we noticed everyone was in better shape than us probably from working out at Muscle Beach, but everyone loves to eat. For both great eats and the best local music in town head to Guelaguetza Restaurante and experience their amazing mole while listening to the mariachi, if you already live here and have never been this was our favorite.

Not everything is expensive. Look, we operate here yes, but we love a good deal. From the fantastic prices at the GCC Swap Meet to the unusual and bizarre selection of time travel “artifacts” at Echo Park Time Travel Mart, you can find nearly anything here and for cheap if you know where to look.

Once you’ve seen a couple movie stars, you’ve seen them all. When first coming to Los Angeles, when you happen across someone famous, everyone freaks out. Don’t feel bad. I once ran into Jason Statham at Cafe Med and nearly couldn’t contain myself, I had to leave...so awkward… but, you learn to deal with it. Yes, you’re heart may skip a beat seeing Kim Kardashian walking into the Beverly Hills Hotel but it won’t phase you for long. This makes business here exceptionally cool because you don’t scare off the stars when they decide to come and take a dive.

With so many skydiving facilities wanting to capitalize on the “City of Angels” why visit us?

We ensure the complete safety of all our customers through a variety of beneficial techniques. The main one being the acquiring and use of high performance, rectangular, zero porosity fabric canopies constructed around a specific design for soft deployments and smooth maneuverability. These elliptic canopies that range in size, likely from 350 to 500 square feet, maximize lift and fluidity, while simultaneously allowing for precision, power and ease of landing. Through this we can provide a seamless transition into canopy flight and an accurate flight course designed to highlight specific features of the landscape and Los Angeles. In addition to a safe, comfortable and finalizing landing in our open landing zone.

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